These are just a snippet of the services we provide please contact us if you want further details on a specific service or ask if you cannot see one that you require


We will carry out surveys to meet your needs/requirements as they all differ. Condition, failure, dispute, dilapidation, change of use and many more surveys. All our surveys will cover areas of concern, with consequences and then remedial works required.  These can then be turned into full specification for a contractor to work too.

Bespoke Help

There are occasions where there's a "first" or a "non standard" detail that manufacturer's will not have details or support for. We can help you over these issues.

Gutter Calculations

We're finding that the older buildings are suffering from gutters overflowing and its not just down to blocked pipes. The volume of rainfall has increased over the years exceeding original gutter capacities. We can help with solutions to overcome these issues on existing and new buildings.

NBS Specifications

We have a licence to produce NBS specifications that can be inserted directly into an architects bundle and be in line with National Building requirements.
(examples can be sent on request)

Over seeing works

We can visit site once our specification is on place and do periodic checks that works are being carried out correctly. We like to engage with the contractors from the beginning so that they know we are there to support them and not to be looking over their shoulders.
We have the Red Experienced Technical Supervisor/Manager CSCS card currently doing NVQ qualifications to support the card.

Expert Witness/Disputes

We can provide support to companies or individuals that find themselves in a dispute battle/arbitration. To support the solicitor we can produce a CPR35 report based on our findings from the original report.